Petite Fourchette

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It's about the story. Every recipe, ingredient, the way it's cooked, served and eaten has a story. Petite Fourchette was born out of love for food, the stories and moments it brings. Meals and memories to be shared around the table with family and friends.


Kitchen has always been the heart of my home. A place to spend time with family and friends. When I moved to France, food played a big part in creating a home here. It was the part of Estonia that I could take with me without moving boxes. Recipes and flavours, with which I grew up with, have become even more important now that I have my own little family, to whom to pass it forward. By using the same produce, flavour combinations and recipes, my children can enjoy the dishes of my parents and grandparents and maintain a connection to their Estonian roots and family. My food is a combination of my Estonian heritage and  also French recipes that, now living in France and having created a home here, have become an inseparable part of our kitchen. My food is simple, seasonal and homemade. It's personal because food is personal. Food is traditions, culture and heritage.


As a previous student of history, I love vintage dishes and kitchenware, charming little details to bring beauty from previously lived lives to my kitchen. Some of my most cherished pieces are coffee cups passed along from family or findings from local brocantes. To share my love for all things vintage, under Vintage Kitchen you can find a selection of vintage treasures for your kitchen. All of the items have been hand-selected with a lot of care and attention to detail. I have carefully curated the selection from various findings full of personality. As with everything vintage, they all have their story and their little marks of time which make them unique in their own way. I hope they will bring joy and inspiration to your home.


Maria xx