Food is culture, tradition, storytelling, heritage, memories, uniting, personal.



Cooking and eating have been a passion of mine for a long time. The kitchen has always been the place to spend time with family and friends, be it a family gathering or a casual dinner amongst friends. The best conversations also seem to happen around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and something delicious to eat. 


Growing up in Estonia I started cooking from early on by helping my mother, aunt and grandmothers with whatever was cooking or baking at the moment. Some of my fondest memories were spent in my grandmothers kitchen making apple cobbler and semolina mousse. After moving to France and starting my own little family I found a new appreciation for food and a new interest for cooking and culinary culture. To showcase the beauty and character of the used ingredients became as important as the flavours. My food is a combination of  Nordic and French cooking and eating traditions with some dainty chocolate truffles every now and then. And so Petite Fourchette was born. A place to share my culinary experiences, times spent in the kitchen, combining Estonian and French cooking traditions but mostly to share the love for food.