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                        Food is culture, tradition, storytelling, heritage, memories, uniting, personal.


Maria Bessières believes that food is personal, as it combines traditions, culture and heritage. Born and raised in Estonia but living and raising a family in France, Maria is the creator of Petite Fourchette, a blog where she writes about living and cooking in France. Maria is also the author of a bilingual cookbook A Legacy of Flavours. This book is a collection of her nostalgic Estonia, dishes and flavours of her childhood, and also French recipes that, now living in France and having created a home here, have become an inseparable part of her kitchen. Maria's  food is simple, seasonal and homemade and this book is a reflection of that. It is a collection of recipes to unite different generations, from those who came before, to those who will come after. A Legacy of Flavours can be purchased here and here.


Kitchen has always been the heart of  Maria's home. A place to spend time with family and friends. With a background in history, Maria loves everything that tells a story, be it a recipe or the plate the food is served on. Therefore, she is happy to share her love for vintage cookware and hopes that the selection of vintage treasures here will bring joy and inspiration to your home.

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